About shop.cfohealth.com

We started shop.cfohealth.com to bring to our patients and customers high-quality health and wellness products. The health and wellness products we will include in the shop are products we use, or have researched, and found to be among the best. At this time, we are offering a limited number of nutritional supplements and other items. In the future, we expect to expand the selection of supplements and offer additional products such as health and wellness books from leading practitioners, including Mark Hyman, MD, diet and nutrition books from leading authorities such as Pat Crocker and Jonny Bowden, and CDs ad DVDs on Kundalini Meditation, The Delta Sleep System by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson and The Wise Heart, A Guide to the Universal teachings of Buddhist Psychology by Jack Kornfield. Additionally, we offer products that enhance your health, fitness and reduce stress. We are even looking at offering Acana pet foods, our favorite healthy and natural pet foods! We don't include every product in the shop; we focus on products that can have a positive impact on your health and wellness!

Because we are a clinic first, we don't stock inventory of every product we recommend. In many cases we provide product information and a link to other websites, such as amazon.com or heartmath.com, where you can directly purchase products we believe will enhance our health and well-being. In these cases we receive a referral fee from the other website. In some cases, we purchase and resell products ourselves. In either case, the reason we include any product in the shop is, first and foremost, because we believe in it. If we change our opinion on the benefits of a product we will promptly remove it from the shop.

About The Center for Optimal Health
Treating the Cause...Not the Symptom

At The Center for Optimal Health we treat issues for their causes instead of just treating symptoms. Early detection, prevention, and reversal of aging-related diseases and employing therapies and treatments to optimize wellness are the focus of our practice.

Our patients are treated for their individual needs. Our doctors listen to their patient’s health concerns and devote the necessary time to understand their individual complexities. Through this process they are able to develop individualized plans to overcome chronic health issues and achieve wellness.

Your initial consultation will last approximately 60 to 90 minutes. This will allow your doctor adequate time to evaluate your health history, listen to your thoughts and concerns and discuss with you the methods appropriate for improving your health, vitality and longevity. In order to prepare you for this visit we would like to share some information regarding our practice philosophy and treatment approach.

In our approach we treat the entire health picture of our patients. Every person is individual in their needs and response to treatment. You will be assessed for your unique needs and a plan will be devised that may include targeted methods of testing and treatment not limited to conventional standard-of-care methods. Our Integrative Medicine practice treats patients using both science-based alternative as well as conventional therapies. We will always explain the components of your plan and you will partner with us in making decisions about what you believe is right for you.

Our multi-disciplinary approach to health care allows us to address underlying causes of dysfunction from many perspectives in order to truly affect the health of our patients.